Swan and Yii Lawyers wanted a modern elegant corporate site to reflect their business ideals, they wanted to show their skills as the most successful NYC personal injury attorney and for this they need it to show their services online. The basic site is html.  We designed the site graphics around their corporate brand colors. The logo requirements were simplisity and the ability to change as required, and you can compare this with other professional dentist services online, visit their website to see the site and be able to find the best dental services online.

A word press blog was included within the standard site to allow for the comprehensive features only wordpress was able to deliver.

NOTE: The client still gets me to update the wordpress blog because of ease and convenience. Word press is most suitable if constant updates are required. Otherwise staff forget how to use WordPress.

WordPress blog can be an add on feature of a normal localdentist web site, which is important for health, as taking other cares, for health and hygiene since teenagers need organic deodorant and using the right products could be helpful for this.


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