Google My Business is every dentist’s business. Gone are the days of bigger and bigger Yellow I have found many of my ‘normal’ searches never bring up a Yellow pages version or suggestion and we asked patients and friends and nearly everyone said the “googled” a search rather than ever use the Yellow pages. It would be interesting to know whether that is a bias of the demographic we asked or just a new reality. To achieve consistent rankings on the search engine results page, it is important for your website to be fully optimized. Check out for a digital marketing team that can create content your users and potential clients will love. Click here to know more about Orthodontist.

Google My Business is a new interface Google has released integrating Google Maps, Google places and Google business pages. It is important that Dental practices and Advanced Dentistry companies like some of the dentist in Arizona,all ‘verify’ their Google maps listing and fill out the Google plus information.

Google My Business will be a step-by-step CPD exercise for Dental practitioners for the month of July in .

Every Smart Dentist should have a verified, accurate, and completed Google My Business listing. Load up some photos to make your profile a living mini web presence.


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Dentists Google My Business