Minimal intervention dentistry is a ridiculous term!


The “minimal intervention dentistry” philosophy of dental treatment defines the MOST interventionist treatment in dentistry today.

The concept is good; the ideas behind it are evidence based; but the notion that it is minimal interventionist is totally wrong. When a dentist talks about minimal intervention dentistry he/she wants to change your whole life (for the better of your tooth substance). Rather than cut out or cut off your valuable tooth substance the minimal intervention dentist wants you to look at changing your lifestyle to preserve your teeth.

So..”Get your act together”( As my kids would say) …

  • Clean your teeth better. No plaque please. Look in the mirror after cleaning. Use a plaque disclosing solution to check yourself. Get out the floss or flosspicks or picketers and clean well between your teeth as well.
  • Stop and think before you eat or drink. Has it got sugar; is it sticky; could you substitute for something tooth friendly; when did you last feed the bugs in your mouth. If it was less than 3 hours ago – think again.
  • Are you a candidate for high fluoride toothpaste or tooth mousse? Do you have poor saliva; acidic saliva; bad buffering etc.

I vote that we (the dental profession) take a stand and say we are Maximum Preservation Dentists. We will do everything we can to convince; coerce; badger; harass you to take a stand ‘for’ your tooth substance. We will work with you and support you. We will coach you and comfort you. We will stand by you and give your tooth substance ever chance to survive. We DO NOT think that any false replacement substitutes for the feel and cushioning of your own bodies natural ligaments and flexion offered by a real tooth.

Come to a Maximum Preservation Dentist today – dont accept anything less. You are worth the effort!

Minimal intervention dentistry: An oxymoron